TQM Itaca Technology is involved in the design and creation of analog and digital measurement systems, saving of the gathered data and their use for check, analysis and improvement of the production process and quality management.
For this reason, TQM can be seen as a forerunner in the Industry 4.0 field and IoT (Internet of Things) since its foundation.

Following a process started some years ago, Industry 4.0 is one of the main transformation factors for the economic development in Italy and in the world, and it is recognized as the further step in the Industry revolution: a process started at the end of XVIII century and that has been divided into 4 different phases till today, in which every phase have seen huge innovations in their related period of time.

What is the Industry 4.0 and how this can be implemented in the actual production process?

Itamatic is the new software developed by TQM Itaca Technology which allows to manage complex control benches, with different dedicated stations (example: dimensional, FRF, cracks control, marking station, etc…), in a simple and immediate way, using a unique operator interface.

Itanoise© is the new product entirely developed by TQM Itaca Technology srl for the control of the noise of a mechanic component during its functioning.
It can be used as a laboratory instrument or it can be inserted in a line for the 100% noise control in production line. For further details visit the related section.

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