Itamatic is the new software developed by TQM Itaca Technology which allows to manage complex control benches, with different dedicated stations (example: dimensional, FRF, cracks control, marking station, etc…), in a simple and immediate way, using a unique operator interface.

Itanoise© is the new product entirely developed by TQM Itaca Technology srl for the control of the noise of a mechanic component during its functioning.
It can be used as a laboratory instrument or it can be inserted in a line for the 100% noise control in production line. For further details visit the related section.

Itasonic 2010© utilises the Sonic Resonance method for non destructive controls on raw or processed metallic, ceramic or sintered parts.

Itasonic 2010© is used:
•    To test the natural vibration frequencies, a requirement which has become fundamental for components in vehicle braking systems (FRF Analysis).
•    To find structural defects such as variation of shape and weight, presence of cracks, stress cracks, discontinuity, density difference and elasticity module.
Sonic control is based on a precise principle of physics: every type of part has its own resonance frequency which generates a unique characteristic curve. In fact, the resonance frequencies depend on clearly defined factors:
•    Weight
•    Structure
•    Form
•    Integrity
•    Chemical composition
•    Mechanical characteristics
The resonance curve will change in presence of variations to the above listed parameters.
The analysis of the resonance frequencies allows to separate in a very short time (1-2 sec.) the good pieces from the rejects.
Itasonic 2010© is available in manual version or in automatic version, and it can be easily inserted in existing production lines.

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