TQM Itaca Technology is able to provide all the necessary for the pneumatic measure.

image001 Pneumatic buffers from 1 mm to 200 mm of diameter.

image003 Pneumatic rings, from 1,50 mm to 200 mm of diameter.





Calibration rings and calibration buffers complete with test report or Accredia/SIT certification




image009 Columns and measuring boxes, availble in the versions:
Static measure 
Dynamic measure (Max, Min, TIR, average)
Class selections 






Pneumo-electronic converter, for the connection by usb of the SPC-Itastat 6 Measure stations, for the visualization of the control charts, the save of the measurements, the printing of the reports, etc...



TQM Itaca Technology provides its gauges with customized HBT analog probes. Our probes are available also as single articles with competitive prices.
Here below some of the most used models (other models available):

image013 image015

AX/0.5: measuring field +/- 0,5 mm


image017 image019

AX/1: measuring field +/- 1 mm. Also available with cable exit at 90° and with pneumatic retraction.


image021 image023

AX/5: measuring field +/- 5 mm. Also available with cable exit at 90° and with pneumatic retraction.


Interfaces for the connection of SPC Itastat 6 Measure stations

There are available different types of interfaces for the connection of analog probes to the Itastat 6 Measure stations. The choice of the interface depends on the measuring needs.
For static measures, with gauges with manual loading/unloading, and characteristics with wide tolerances, the interfaces with the connection by usb can be adequate.
For dynamic measures, automatic gauges with loading/unloading made by a robot or by a manipulator, many probes and restricted tolerances it's advisable to use the interface iDaq4Geo


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