The natural vibration frequencies (or Eigen frequencies) control is a fundamental requirement for the brake systems components for automotive (FRF Analysis).  
The Eigen frequencies can be controlled on rough or worked pieces.
The technical specifications often show nominal values and the relative tolerances of the frequencies to keep under control.
In Itasonic 2010© it’s possible to create a “measuring program”  with the frequencies required: after having set the parameters of the hammer, the system will be ready for the control of the pieces.
The measured frequencies will be saved in the database of Itastat/Itageo 6©.
Itasonic 2010© can easily connect to stations of dimensional/geometric control: it's possible to have two distinct stations, with two support plans, which anyway can save the data in the same database, or it's possible to totally integrate the sonic control in the dimensional station with one only support plan, one only Pc, etc...

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