Itasonic 2010© can be used to find structural defects such us:

•   variation of shape and weight (ex. parts with incomplete forms, casts or sintered)

•   presence of cracks, stress cracks, fissures or discontinuity (ex. alumium die casting parts, pressed steel parts, parts in cast brass)

•   density differences and elasticity modules (ex. controls on % of nodularity in spheroidal cast iron parts)

•   presence of oxidations and contaminations (ex. presence of iron waste in sintered alumium parts)

•   presence of inclusions

•   stripping of the material

•   heat treatments failed or not performed

It will be necessary to set up the system for the parts to be tested: it needs a significant sample (10-15 pieces) of “good” parts and a significant sample of “rejects”, which have the defect searched. With a guided procedure of few minutes, the pieces of the calibration sample will be tested; Itasonic 2010© will show the frequencies (if present) and the tolerances able to discriminate the good parts and the rejects, all in a very short time.




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