iDaq4Geo is the new interface entirely developed by TQM Itaca Technology srl in order to manage the dialogue with everything which can be connected to a control station, like probes, laser heads, encoder, operator keypads, pedal for start/stop measure, sensors, input devices, etc…

The system is optimized to manage dynamic controls with the acquisition at the same time of the angular position by encoder and of the dimensional values by measuring sensors (contact sensors or not-contact sensors).

The I/O modules guarantee the dialogue with the automatic systems of load and unload, making iDaq4Geo suitable for the management of the 100% control directly in a production line.

iDaq4Geo has a modular structure and it can integrate the following devices:

•    Power supply module, with output 24 Volt
•    Module LAN 10/100
•    CPU with encoder board synchronized with A/D
•    I/O board, up to max 16 In and 16 Out
•    Input for pedal of start/stop measure
•    16 bit Analog/Digital Converter
•    Signal amplifier for the connection of HBT probes (max. 40 probes)

The connection with the PC is made by Ethernet 10/100, the fastest and safest system available nowadays, which solves all the problems of distance between the PC and the gauge.
iDaq4Geo is the standard interface for the Itageo 6© stations and for the Itastat 6 Measure stations with high performance.
There are also available examples of codes in C and C#: on demand it’s possible to develop drivers for any measuring software available nowadays.



Power Supply



110 / 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

100 W max.

Power supply module

Output 24 V max 1A

CPU module

Encoder TTL 5 V

Ethernet 10/100 Mbit

Sampling Rate

Adjustable (max 25KHz) or triggered by encoder

Inputs HBT standard Tesa (max 40 channels for statistical analysis – 32 channels for dynamic measuring)


x0.5, x1, x5, x10

Voltage inputs (max 40 Inputs)


± 10 V

Input/Output (max 16 In/16 Out)




Input opto-isolated

0/24 V


Output relays

24 V

24 Watt max.

Input opto-isolated for pedal


DIMENSIONS (cm):  33,5 x 32.5 (with handles) x H 15

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